Laundry Services

Our drivers will call at your home or workplace to collect your clothes and return them washed and dried.

Laundry can be either:

  • Wash and Fold - all items will be washed, dried and folded neatly (next day or 48-hour service)
  • Wash and Iron - all items will be washed, dried and ironed (48-hour service)

We may require 48-hour returns if we have a large quantity of existing laundry services, please book as early as you can.

You may provide your own washing liquid, powder or tablets and/or conditioner. If you require sensitive products, please let us know to ensure we use the correct products.

As standard we use: Ariel, Persil, Bold washing liquids and Comfort, Lenor or Fairy fabric conditioners.

Duvet Cleaning

  • Single (synthetic) - £8.50
  • Single (feather) - £10.00
  • Double (synthetic) - £12.00
  • Double (feather) - £13.50
  • Kingsize (synthetic) - £14.00
  • Kingsize (feather) - £15.50
  • Super Kingsize - from £19.00

Service Washes

  • Small (7kg) - £7.50 per load
  • Large (11kg) - £10.50 per load

Other Items

  • Mattress Topper - £12.00
  • Pillows (pair) - £7.50

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